Thursday, November 21, 2019

Answer questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 16

Answer questions - Essay Example Therefore, the formation of the family aimed at exposing the members into different sexual orientation in, a more or less, observational technique to understand what sexuality entails. In this case, the family assists in understanding lesbianism and heterosexuals in a detailed manner. The family is not only a study association but also a social bond enhanced by the sexual diversity, indifference and respect. For this reason, the actual meaning of the relationship is immeasurable in both the neither qualitative nor quantitative terms. However, the solidarity and cohesion promoted by the family is unpredictable. The family is an opportunity to understand sexual orientation in a holistic perspective by examining the factors that influence sexuality, social perception, and the challenges experienced by the LGBTQ individuals. The most common type of gender identity microaggressions in an institution is the disapproval of the LGBTQ experience where these individuals receive awkward and condemned treatment. Specifically, the disapproval occurs either consciously or unintentional. However, both cases causes harm to the victim (Nadal 91). Additionally, there is a general perception of the LGBTQs as abnormal for their non-conforming sexual orientation. Specifically, heterosexual individuals consider the LGBTQ persons as overly sexual and sexual deviant (Nadal 93). Other forms of microaggressions include the denial of the reality of transphobia, physical threat and harassment, and denial of bodily privacy among others (Nadal 96). Notably, institutions such as schools and the workplace exhibit instances of gender identity microaggressions. Specifically, the most common types of discrimination occur among friends, family members or even the LGBT people (Nadal, 2013). The consequence of microaggressions includes victimization, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and depression among other well-being effects.

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