Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 23

Marketing - Essay Example An integrated approach is more vigorous and likely to reach a large number of potential customers. Having realised that there was a possibility of expanding into new services, UPS’s promotional strategy was to integrate all the services into a synchronised entity where they will fall under one umbrella name. All the services would be offered at the same time together and the customers were supposed to get this information correctly. â€Å"Synchronised commerce† entails that different activities can be performed during the same period by the same company which is UPS’s objective of enlightening is customers that it is growing bigger and offering more services whilst still under one umbrella name at the same time. 2. UPS can use either electronic or print media to reach all its five segments. Advertising is very effective in reaching the targeted audience where specially designed adverts are posted on selected media at given time frames which are popular with the targeted audiences. Public appearances in popular business press such as the Wall Street Journal are other means that can be used to reach the targeted audiences. Promotional elements such as price discounts can be effectively used to attract more customers as they will also benefit at the end of the day for using the service. The promotional services can also include the use of coupons where draws can be conducted to identify winners in promotional events meant to market the services offered by the organisation to all its customers as well as potential clients. 3. The colour brown is a primary presentation of UPS and it represents a creative platform which brings together all pieces of the campaign. UPS is basically identified with the brown colour which is found on all its fleet of vehicles, planes, uniforms as well as packaging. Brown colour forms part of the

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